Friday, October 22, 2010

Cave Creature

Spent an afternoon designing creatures with my youngest son Josh... quality family time indeed


  1. cool mood and nice design, must be fun to do this with the family involved!

  2. Oh man, you've got a blog! :D:D:D

    Hi there, I'm from The One Academy of Communication and Design. Currently majoring in Illustration, I man, I love your works! Though, that love began from my lecturers. They literally worship you D:

    Now that there's a way for me to communicate with you, I always wanted to know, how do you control the strokes so freely in PS? Or Corel for that matter. I never get it right. :(

    The way you begin and end your strokes is just amazing. I wanna achieve a style somewhat like your someday. Hoping won't help, practicing would, but a few pointers would definitely help ^^

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Ugh, pardon my typos. Just so excited to know that you have a blog. ^^

  4. Wow this is taking it to the next level. Very impressive!
    Solid drawing and fierce use of Painter techniques.
    Very inspiring Blogging... Keep at it.